Get back up to 11% of your annual rail travel expenses

89% of compensation payments due to train delays and train cancellations expire usually because they never get submitted.

refundrebel claims your compensation payments before your entitlements expire.

refundrebel hilft bei Zugverspätungen und Zugausfällen
refundrebel für Unternehmen

Why refundrebel?

Less effort and more payout

No hassle for you and your company

Claims for compensation are no longer lost through the fully automatic examination, even without intervention of your travelers or your central office.

The free supplement to your Team/OBE/TMC/Travel Agency

The service is completely free for you. You do not pay anything, instead you receive payments from refundrebel (minus success commission of 30%, plus statutory VAT.).

GDPR compliant

Our German Dekra and TÜV certified data protection officer ensures a GDPR compliant data processing.

These organizations save travel costs already.

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„Die KfW hat sich für refundrebel entschieden, da es unkompliziert und ohne großen Aufwand funktioniert. Da sogar die notwendige Datenbasis ohne personenbezogene Daten auskommt, waren wir sofort überzeugt.“

Dagmar Orths
Senior Manager, Operativer & Strategischer Einkauf


„Within three months we were able to get back more travel costs with refundrebel, than we ususally get in one year.“

Natalie Klotz, Travel Manager at EnBW - energy provider


„Even in times of Covid, refundrebel managed to claim five- figures for adesso in the first run.“

Patricia Peixoto, Corporate Administration at adesso - Consulting and IT services


„The new solution from refundrebel makes it easier for us to get back more travel costs from railways companies than before and minimises our internal workload at the same time.“

Ulrike Bechtel, Travel Managerat Kärcher - manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning machinery


„Our collaboration with refundrebel allows us to save direct and indirect travel costs and to make the claim process leaner.“

Claudia Kölmel, Head of Travel Management at SEW-Eurodrive - automotive supplier Member of the train committe of the German business travel association VDR

Available end-to-end integrations.

How it works.

In three steps.
365 days retroactively.

1. Check eligibility

We will check all your train tickets for eligibility of a compensation - retroactively up to one year.

2. Claim

As soon as we determine a possible claim, we submit your claim at the respective railway company for your corporation. Completely free!

3. Receive monthly transfers

We will send you the successful compensation payments on a monthly basis (minus success commission, plus statutory VAT).

89% of business travelers let their compensation expire.


If you are already too late anyway, do you also want to fill out a cumbersome form the Deutsche Bahn? Most people don't! Due to the high bureaucratic effort, most business travelers do not even report a delay and the money for the compensation payment gets lost. 

The consequence:The majority of compensation eligibilities expire and possible payouts get lost.

Will the business travelers receive the compensation?

Yes and no. If you wish, first your business travelers get the opportunity to claim a compensation. If your travelers do not submit the compensation, we will claim the compensation for your organization. A fair compromise for everyone involved. Better than leaving the money with the railway company, right?


Ihr Ansprechpartner Stefan Nitz freut sich auf einen Dialog.

Just ask for a short exchange on the phone.A short first phone call is the best way to answer your questions.

Persönlich erreichen Sie Stefan Nitz spontan unter 06221 6740 3939 or by email at

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"refundrebel's collaboration with our OBE enables a streamlined compensation process that simultaneously ensures protection of our data in accordance with GDPR."

Tobias Lorenz, Manager Fleet, Phone & Travel at Cancom - Consulting and IT services


“The solution by refundrebel saves us time and allows us to receive rail compensations from last year, which otherwise we would miss out on, even in times of Covid.“

Travel Management at Akka - consulting in engineering and life-sciences


"Through refundrebel's innovative solution, we receive compensations for rail delays and train cancellations automatically without generating any expenses for us.”

Sascha Jendrzok, Business Travel Manager at OHB - aerospace & industrial products


„Through the cooperation with refundrebel we can offer our business travellers a time-saving solution to claim passenger rights while we save costs of Siemens.“

Stefanie Neugebauer, Travel Management Member of the train committe of the German business travel association VDR

Frequently asked questions 

Here you can find answers.

No, because

  • each ticket must be submitted individually. (Quite a lot of work with several hundred cases).
  • if travelers forget it, it is like the paper form before. -> You will lose considerable sums of money.
  • if the booking was made via online booking engine, e.g. Concur Travel, the online form in the DB Navigator cannot be used.
  • the follow-up communication after the submission (queries etc.) remains as before by post (!).
Nothing. refundrebel can carry out the analyzing and compensations WITHOUT intervention of your travelers.

We work 100% success-based according to the “No Win, No Fee” principle. For you, this means guaranteed security with no hidden costs. In other words: We will only receive a commission (30% of the compensation amount plus VAT) if we can really enforce compensation for you. This means you do not pay any setup fee or running costs to refundrebel - instead, you simply receive transfers through your compensation payments.

For you, refundrebel is just a finger exercise: you can have your OBE / TMC / travel agency send you exports on a regular basis and forward them to refundrebel, e.g. quarterly. refundrebel takes care of everything else for you. You will then receive monthly payouts from refundrebel. You don't pay anything and instead receive transfers.

No. The travel agency can only submit compensation if the travelers report a delay there. So if the travelers forget this message, the possible payout is lost.

refundrebel has a unique database of train delays which allows to identify your eligible compensations by comparing the delay database with your train bookings WITHOUT the action of your travelers, even up to 365 days retrospectively. This will give you more payouts than before.

The following example helps to shed light on this question. With repayments of up to 11% of your annual rail expenses for business travel, a considerable amount comes together. Example: With annual expenses for train tickets of € 600,000, you will receive repayments of up to € 65,691 (commission already included). Is this worth it for your organization?

refundrebel is not a travel agency, TMC or OBE. This means that refundrebel does not make bookings, cancellations and refunds from cancellations. However, we work very closely with your team and your OBE / TMC / travel agency in order to get the maximum amount of compensation for you.

Yes. Your flexible tickets will also be compensated for. Even if you take a different train than the one shown on the ticket.

"Mythbuster" No. 1 - You do not need a written proof of delay from a train attendant to assert claims for compensation.


„Thanks to refundrebel‘s clear process we are able to achieve savings which we would miss out on with our own efforts.“

Agnes Sapienza, Travel Manager at Engie - energy provider


„With refundrebel we found a time-saving solution to bring back train-related travel costs without creating expenses for us.“

Janet Ernst, Purchasing Travel Management at Gasag - energy provider


„Before we worked with refundrebel we could claim only a small number of compensations. Thanks to the service of refundrebel we can now easily bring back more travel costs than before, even from last year.“

Timo Lukassen, Fleet- & Travel Manager at Weidmüller - manufacturer of electric connectors


„refundrebel was able to identify our potential savings in the train expense sector and applied an efficient solution to realise the predicted savings, even with flexible tickets.“

Finance and Travel Management at edata united - software development firm

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